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Our company prides itself on the qualifications of our dog training instructors. All of our instructors must under go intensive training.

First, we are very picky about who we hire as a dog training instructor. Our dog trainers must have excellent communication skills with people and their dogs. We certify our instructors in each program we offer. All instructors must learn training concepts and our unique multi-method-training systemTM. Our Dog Trainers are tested in handling exercises, communication skills, and extensive problem solving procedures. Unlike most dog trainers, we are not trying to prove the one method of training is the best. Once we start training your dog, we will use our unique multi-method-training systemTM to suit your dog's personality and temperament. This process will advance your dog at a steady rate of training and ensure that you can see quick results and track your dog’s progress.

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, our corporate headquarters is able to provide the best support for our training staff. We provide six seminars per year and require that our instructors continue their education as an ongoing concern. Our trainers are able to use any method of training needed to guide your dog in the right direction. Improving the canine to human bond is our goal. Clickers, praise, treats, leash, no leash... all these questions are answered by your dog's temperament and each program is tailored to you and your dog.

Our thoughts are to make the training fun for everyone involved. Remember, a trained dog is a dog that will follow your commands even when he would rather do something else…

We can train multiple dogs at a time.

When your best friend is trained, you can enjoy a few more priviledges with them.

Dogs CAN learn to stay in one place.

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