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Betterdog Lifetime Warrantee All of our programs come with the Betterdog Lifetime Warrantee. This warrantee guarantees you will have access to a dog training representative for the life of your dog. During the initial training, our dog training instructors will teach your dog everything within the program enrolled. Once your dog learns the new better behavior, we will show you how to maintain the training. If your dog should regress, we are just a phone call away. We guide you in the right direction and get your dog back on track. If a courtesy lesson in your home is required, there in no charge to you. This is part of our Betterdog Lifetime Warrantee.

Multi Method Training SystemTM There are trainers that only use a clicker and food, others that only use corrections, and there are even trainers that think every dog should be punished as a primary method of training. They say the only two things dog trainers can agree on is why any system other then there own is wrong. Our dog training staff is required to learn several different methods of training, then they very skillfully decide the type of training that will help your dog though the training process. Simply put, we focus on your goals. Remember that not all dogs learn the same. Dogs can be motivated in many ways.

Betterdog Training Tune-ups All of our programs come with follow up training in the form of our Betterdog Training Tune-ups. Our training is first conducted in and around your home. This allows us to limit the level of distractions to the level that your dog can handle. Once you're dog is ready for more distractions, we seek out other people and dogs in and around your neighborhood. Once your in home training is complete. you and your dog can attend our monthly Betterdog Training Tune Ups. These are held at locate veterinarian offices and local parks. You will be given a login to our website so you can check the schedule and start attending as soon as your trainer sees fit.

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