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Obedience Training: ALL dogs are trainable; however, they don’t all respond equally to the same methods of training. Through our unique Multi-Method Training™, Dog Training in Your Home instructors master many training styles so they can ensure the fastest results for your dog. Training that is fun for you and your dog works best. Example Dog Obedience Commands

Housebreaking: We use a scientific approach to housebreaking... the first step is to write a custom feeding and watering schedule that will align your dog’s urine and BM to your schedule and routine. We will teach you how to mark and reward going outside, and to discourage eliminating inside. Your dog will quickly learn that going in the yard is a great experience and that going in the house is not allowed.

Problem Solving: In many cases the dog’s home environment can actually enable behavior problems. We take a three-part approach to solving your problems. We focus on showing your dog the difference between right and wrong behavior – teaching your dog how to make the right choice. We also work with the owners on how to prevent from enabling behavior problem in the home environment.

Puppy Training: Studies have proven a dog's brain is neurologically complete at 7 weeks old. It is at this point that a dog will begin forming habits - both good and bad. Starting at 8 weeks of age our preventative training techniques will guide your dog's behaviors, teach good manners and build an excellent relationship between you and your dog. Adult Dogs Old dogs can learn new tricks! Our training programs will change unwanted behaviors, teach good manners and build an excellent relationship between you and your dog.
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Dogs & Babies: Our dog training instructors can assist you in the first introduction of your dog and your new baby. How you introduce them can make a difference in your dogs attitude towards your new child, but we are still able to improve the relationship of your dog and baby after the fact. Here are some tips for you baby and dogs’ first meeting.

Aggressive Dogs: A dog will display aggression for many reasons. Most aggression stems from anxiety within your dog. Some dogs view people and other dogs as threats and attempt to defend the owner and home from this threat. Training an aggressive dog requires a very unique skill. Most trainers will not even attempt this. Most trainers feel that your dog needs to be put in his place to eliminate the aggression. Our trainers use a very unique method that teaches your dog that aggressive behavior is not allowed and also shapes out the anxiety that leads to the aggression in the first place. This will bring comfort to your dog. Controlling his anxiety will relieve not only your aggression problem; it will also reduce stress on you and your dog.

Protection Training: A well-trained protection dog is a loving companion to family and friends...that has learned to display protective behavior when his family or home is threatened. Our protection programs develop your skills and your dog’s confidence together, teaching owner and dog how to respond to threatening situations.
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Customized Services: We offer an array of very safe, enjoyable and effective programs, designed around your goals and your dog’s personality, ability and natural learning style.

Methods of Training: What methods are a available to train your dog?
. There are many methods of training that work. Dogs are very smart, even some of the least efficient methods will eventually work. Our goal is to use the most efficient and humane methods, that get quick results. Training does not need to me harsh to get results.
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Group Classes: We do offer group classes, however our training program is first done in your home. Once your dog has a clear understanding of the training, we start to add distractions like other dogs. Then when your dog is ready you can participate in our group classes. Less stress is placed on your dog using this method.

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