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Charlotte Dog Training | Dog Training Charlotte

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Dog Training In Your Home was established in 1989 in Charlotte North Carolina. Our charlotte dog training in your home philosophy is simple. We teach your dog to be a well behaved family member. In many cases your dogs home environment is enabling bad behavior. Your dogs home is the most logical place for training. Our services are designed to make training your dog fun for you and your dog. While getting immediate results.

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30 Years of professional experience with dog behavior modification techniques that will turn a "bad dog" into a Better Dog. We can train any dog. There is no dog we can not train. We can provide many services ranging from Housebreaking, Obedience Training and Canine Good Manners. We can start with puppy training or adult dog training, You will see your dog learning from the very first lesson. We train any age and any breed.

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Methods of training: Positive Reinforcement, Negative Reinforcement, Negative Punishment and Negative Punishment these technical terms refer to different methods of training. Most dog trainers don't truly understand these terms and or the methods that are attached to each.

Our Dog Training Instructors are required to be versed in all methods of training. Each and every dog is an individual.

Attempting to use the same methods for all dogs is akin to using diesel fuel in every motor, that will not work. Matching the method of training to your dog is the single most important decision that must be made both on the onset of training and throughout the entire training process. We are able to assign the correct methods to your dog each time we work with them, this makes training more effective while reducing the amount of work required to accomplish your goals.

Your first visit is free, evaluating your dog is key to designing your dog training correctly. Call for your evaluation today. Call 704-573-3647

Charlotte Dog Training | Dog Trainer Charlotte

Dog Training In Your Home
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Mark Thompson started Dog Training In Your Home in 1989. Marks interest in dog training started in Florida in the early 80's. Marks training experience is extensive. Training dogs in all aspects of behavior, obedience and protection training. Mark also have trained dozens of handicap assist dogs, covering general assistance to specialized training such as epileptic seizure alert dog.

Mark also believes in giving back to the community, volunteering at two prisons in North Carolina rehabilitating inmates and dogs through the New Leash On Life Program.

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