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Canine Magic Dog Training - Is an affiliate with Dog Training In Your Home. Orlando, Florida

My sole focus when I come to your home is to make your dog a family member. This means teaching him all the rules of your
house and to respond to commands that are going to be useful in and around the home.
It makes sense to come to your dogís environment to teach him behavior modifications or commands. For instance,
when you go to a group class or kennel training, you are putting your dog into a false environment. These methods will
teach your dog what words mean but they really canít put him in the same environment that I can by coming to your home.
I can teach your dog how to respond properly when people come to your door, how to behave when you are eating dinner, how to
walk on a leash or off a leash, as well as any behavior problem you can think of can be dealt with where it happens - in your home.

I will teach your dog how to behave so that you will not have to worry about him jumping on your guests, interrupting your dinner party, or embarrassing you by pulling you around on the leash. Part of the training will include socialization with other dogs and the ability to obey even with distractions.

You will receive a lifetime guarantee with any dog I train. This gives you access to me for the rest of your dog's life. If you ever have any problems or questions, all you have to do is pick up the phone and Iíll be there to help you through it. I have also worked with many famous people and their no-so famous dogs. Check out my Who's Who of Canine Magic!

Whether your dog is ten weeks or ten years old, I can train them! I offer Beginner, Advanced, Protection programs and even if you would like to have your dog learn a few tricks, I can do it all at a price you can afford. The bottom line is home dog training makes more sense. You're comfortable, Iím comfortable, and your dog's comfortable. And that makes for a good training environment.

Dog Training in Orlando is what I do. My clients love the fact that my dog training is conducted in thier homes around the orlando area.

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Orlando, Florida

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Dog Training In Your Home was established in 1989 in Charlotte North Carolina. Our in home dog training philosophy is simple. We teach your dog to be a well behaved family member. In many cases your dogs home environment is enabling bad behavior. Your dog's home is the most logical place for training. Our services are designed to make training fun for you and your dog. Give us a call today to schedule your free evaluation.

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