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 Company History                                            

Our company was started in 1989 in Charlotte, NC under the name Mark Thompson Dog Training. Our philosophy is simple, get the dog trained for the owner. Rather than trying to prove that one training system is better then the next, our goal has always been to adapt many types of training to execute the owners' goals in training.

Do to the growth of the company, the name was changed to Dog Training In your Home in 1994. At that time the company grew to Asheville, then Greenville, then Charleston, then Columbia, and it just kept branching out. There are now 20 locations in 6 states. Our growth is moderate, but steady. We always keep our growth in line with our abilities to have the very best service possible.

Agility training can be fun and keeps your dog in shape.

We have a vast bag of tricks in getting your dog to behave.

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